How do I Work?
We begin with a brief discussion to identify and understand the problems, highlighting the obstacles that prevent you from progressing. After our free conversation, you will have a clear idea of the issue and a plan to address it.
If we both agree that we can work well together, I will support and guide you through our process:
Discover Your Unique Brand Attributes
Understand what makes you stand out and the positive impact you can have on your audience.
Create Clear Brand Statements 
Write straightforward messages that express your brand's essence.
Build Customer Profiles and User Journeys 
Learn about your customers' preferences, needs, and experiences.
Set Business Goals
Decide what you want to achieve in terms of making money, increasing awareness, and improving efficiency.
Develop a Step-by-Step Action Plan
Combine your goals and customer needs into a detailed plan that is easy to follow.
The Action Plan includes many ideas and parts that can be put into action. I can also offer guidance on all aspects of communication and connecting with your audience.
My Services
- Strategic Planning and Research
- Product Design and UX/UI Design
- Branding and Corporate Identity Design
- Frontend Development (utilizing Webflow)

Short selection of some of my work

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