We begin with a brief discussion to identify and understand the problems, highlighting the obstacles that prevent you from progressing. After our free conversation, you will have a clear idea of the issue and a plan to address it.
If we both agree that we can work well together, I will support and guide you through our method:
Discover Your Unique Brand Attributes: Understand what makes you stand out and the positive impact you can have on your audience.
Create Clear Brand Statements: Write straightforward messages that express your brand's essence.
Build Customer Profiles and User Journeys: Learn about your customers' preferences, needs, and experiences.
Set Business Goals: Decide what you want to achieve in terms of making money, increasing awareness, and improving efficiency.
Develop a Step-by-Step Action Plan: Combine your goals and customer needs into a detailed plan that is easy to follow.
The Action Plan includes many ideas and parts that can be put into action. I can also offer guidance on all aspects of communication and connecting with your audience.
Our Services
Strategic Planning and Research
Product Design and UX/UI Design
Branding and Corporate Identity Design
Frontend Development (utilizing Webflow)
Contact me at +36202618447 or balazs@senses.hu

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