This is how we operate
We start with a short call to identify and diagnose the problems, uncovering the painful symptoms that are holding you back. At the end of our free session, you will have a diagnosis and a clear understanding of the strategy that can be pursued.
If we agree that we’re a good fit, I will be your guide and facilitator to go through our method:
— Define your Brand Attributes: what makes you unique and what impact can you deliver to your audience?
— Create your clear Brand statements.
— Develop customer profiles and user journeys.
— Define your business goals in terms of revenue, awareness and efficiency.
— Combine your goals and customer needs into a clear, step-by-step Action Plan.
The Action Plan consists of many ideas and elements that can be executed. I can also provide you with guidelines for every facet of communication and interaction with your audience.
Our Services
— Strategy and research
— Product Design and UX/UI Design
— Branding and Identity Design
— Frontend development (with Webflow)
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